The Wholesome Helper

Hi there! 

I’m Amanda, the Wholesome Helper and I work with busy students who seek help in changing their eating habits in order to lead a healthy and sustainable life. I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition®, where I received my certification as a holistic health coach and explored different ways of eating in order to create a personalized approach that is appropriate for the individual depending on their age, health, activity level, personal tastes and preferences. I work with my clients to create a happy, healthy life in a way that is flexible, fun and free of denial and discipline.

Creating meals that get back to the basics of local and sustainable food for the soul is the key to my ingredients. I’m taking the techniques I learned from The French Culinary Institute, where I studied and practiced how to create different foods with wonderful flavor and used my nutrition background to apply a healthy and delicious twist.

Confession: Butter is my best friend, but I always make sure it’s grass fed and organic. Cooking with good quality fat is important to me. Let’s spend more time eliminating sugar and processed foods from our diets rather than taking away the wholesome and sustainable ingredients that gives us nutrients and energy!

Here are a few quick tips to manage a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Know where your food is coming from
  2. Stick to eating only perishable foods
  3. Plan out your day what you will eat rather than looking back to what you should not have eaten
  4. Take time to enjoy what you prepared
  5. Celebrate your indulges in moderation….or, you can just be like my logical (and amazing cook I may add) mother and spray your chocolate cake with Windex after having a few bites in order to avoid further temptations 🙂

Happy reading/cooking!


4 responses to “The Wholesome Helper

  1. Caroline

    I love it… and I might employ that Windex trick!

  2. Jean

    I agree about the windex, but don’t totally deprive!

  3. Amanda, I just loved your website “Wholesome at Heart” ! I will certainly try some of those wonderful recipes!

    P.S. Also, I am going to stock up on WINDEX!

    HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We wish you the best!

  4. I like the website. Showing setp by step pictures with the recipe is a huge plus. I will let you know how my guacamole turns out.

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