Irish Lamb Stew

If you ask me,  food served on St. Patrick’s Day (corn beef and cabbage) isn’t exactly my cup of tea and I think most people would agree with me. I’m not a hater to the Irish as I am 25%, but binge drinking on stale beer and putting shamrock stickers on my face isn’t my idea of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. I’d rather enjoy a home cooked Irish Lamb Stew that is super easy to prepare. 

Click on quick recipe below to enlarge and print

Peel and chop up 1 pound of baking potatoes

  1. Clean and slice 1 leek
  2.  Dice 1 large onion
  3. Peel and slice 1 carrot
  4. Chop 3 medium plum tomatoes
  5. Combine all ingredients into slow cooker

Cut grass-fed organic lamb into cubes and sprinkle with flour

Make sure the lamb cubes are all roughly the same shape

Add lamb to crock pot and sprinkle in seasoning (salt, pepper, rosemary)

Add 2 cups of beef broth or stock

About 15 minutes before your stew is fully cooked in slow cooker, begin preparing your couscous.  I used Near East brand because it’s super easy and tastes great. Follow directions on box on how to prepare.


Voila! Pair with a nice crusty piece of bread and you got yourself a wonderful Irish Lamb Stew! 


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2 responses to “Irish Lamb Stew

  1. Looks great! I will try it and let you know how it comes out. I don’t have a crockpot. Can you believe that? I’ll figure out. I have made stews before but none have looked as great as this one.

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