Chicken Sausage & Turnip Soup

When you own a slow cooker, there is really no excuse for someone to say they don’t have “time” to make a warm wholesome meal. There is really nothing better than coming home from a long day of work and have a nice smell of a slow cooker full of nutritious and flavorful food there to greet you. What’s even better is that it’s safe to leave on when you are away from home (up to 8 hours). Trust me folks, spend the $35.00 and get yourself a nice sized Crockpot for you to enjoy your next warm meal! 

I give you Chicken Sausage & Turnip Soup! Don’t be fooled by the “soup” because this is a full and hearty meal that will surely fill you up by itself for dinner.

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The only “time consuming” part to this recipe is the prep work and you can chop up all your ingredients a day in advance and in the morning before you leave for work, throw them all in the slow cooker and BOOM, in 8 hours you’ve got yourself a perfect dinner! Turn on the Crockpot and set the timer for 6-8 hours.

My first time making chicken sausage was for this recipe. Applegate Farms makes a great organic chicken sausage with great spices. It comes already cooked and packaged too! Check out their website for some great products-Applegate Farms!

In this case of adding heat, you are tossing them into the slow cooker

Add the chopped carrots

And the chopped onion

Then the cauliflower and turnips 🙂

Next, take a 14 oz can of diced organic tomatoes and pour the whole can in the slow cooker

Next, take the rinsed and drained kidney beans and toss them in as well

Looks good so far, right?

Add the vegetable stock ( 2 cups)

Last, add the spinach or lettuce leaves (8 leaves chopped) to the … wait for it.. into the slow cooker! 

Place the lid on the pot and step away for 5 hours. Some people are hesitant to leave their home when their slow cooker is on, so if you are purchasing one, check the label to ensure it guarantees no monitoring is needed.

After the 5 hours are up. Add your spices (thyme, oregano, salt and pepper). 

Wait approximately, 1-2 more hours, serve and enjoy!

I added a light sprinkle of parmigiana cheese on top. This soup is hearty and warm. A perfect meal on a cold winter night 🙂


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2 responses to “Chicken Sausage & Turnip Soup

  1. I love using my slow cooker. It is so convenient and what could be better than coming home from work on a cold winter day to find hot soup waiting.

    This soup looks delicious.

    • Thanks for your feedback Mark! I love my slow cooker too! No excuses for people to say they don’t have time to make a warm healthy dinner after work 🙂 Keep in touch!

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