GAIA’s Essence Woman’s Wellness Conference

I’m headed to Long Island this weekend for the GAIA’S Essence Woman’s Wellness Conference and you should too! Check out what’s new and good with celebrity natural food chef, Andrea Beaman!

GEWWC 2011: “Lifestyles of Wellness”

Keynote Speaker: Andrea Beaman

This summer we look forward to Gaia’s Essence 3rd Annual Women’s Wellness Conference (GEWWC) For the past two years, the conference has been a source of empowerment, education and inspiration to women nationwide. This year, the GEWWC will focus on women sharing their experiences as a means to promote lifestyles of wellnessTM.

This collaborative effort will show us all how to take a more holistic approach to our health, family and life. Our health is the result of our lifestyles. We are learning that by making small changes in our daily activities, we can drastically improve the future of our collective wellbeing. At the GEWWC, we understand that healthy is not the achievement of action items, it is obtaining a new state of mind. Because everyone is unique, there will be infinite paths to achieving personal wellness. The GEWWC vision is to provide simple and exciting ways to find your own journey to wellness.

This year’s keynote speaker Andrea Beaman embodies the commitment it takes to have a true lifestyle of wellness. Andrea is a natural foods chef, author, and television host dedicated to alternative healing and green, sustainable living.  Her inspirational story follows an eye-opening journey from sickness to wellness. Successfully healing her incurable thyroid disease with health-promoting foods, exercise and other natural therapies was the catalyst that transformed Andrea Beaman’s life. Andrea was a featured contestant on Bravo’s Top Chef and was a guest on Barbara Walters’ The View and CBS news. She is a food expert with the wisdom to help you clean out your body and get healthy.

Come see Andrea live at GEWWC 2011!

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