Lobster Rolls

The # 1 thing I look forward to at the end of Summer are LOBSTER ROLLS! You guys are in for a special treat too because I managed to find a way with feeding 6 people lobster rolls without breaking the bank.  For me, the best part of the lobster are the claws and luckily, lobster claws are fairly inexpensive.  8 lobster claws + 2- 1 lb lobsters will give you= $50.00 (approx). Pssst- Have them steam your lobsters and claws prior to purchasing, will save you time and heart ache if you have a soul.

Click on quick recipe below to enlarge and print

First! Remove the walking legs of the lobster (located under the belly) 

Some people don’t hassle with trying to get meat out of the legs, however there is some great flavor in this section, so I suggest snapping them off and using a small fork or seafood fork to get this meat.  (Don’t be surprised though when you see there isn’t a lot a little meat in this part).
Next, slice the head down the middle and remove the head/stomach from the tail. If you ask me, the insides of the head and stomach sort of skeeve me out, so I rarely find any decent part worth saving in this section, some folks beg to differ though!

Take the side of the tail and press firmly down to crack so it is easy to remove tail from the shell.

Once all meat is removed from tail, take the lobster crawl and snap in half. Note- you may want to use a towel to snap to get a firm grip. Now, you can always ask the fish monger to crack the claws for you, which will give you a little head start in removing the shell. If you don’t, lay the claw on it’s side, take a sharp butcher’s knife and with 1-2 fast and hard chops, crack the crab shell with the knife. 

Once you collect all your lobster meat, place in a large mixing bow and cut up coarsely any large piecesAdd 1 cup of scallions

1/2 cup of dill

1/2 cup of tarragon

1 squeezed lemon and 1/4 cup of light mayonnaise

And 1/3 cup of Old Bay seasoning. Gently mix all together…

Oh and don’t forget to take 6 hot dog buns, coat with butter and broil briefly so they are crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. Enjoy!!!!

The family loved this dinner. The perfect way to celebrate to the end a wonderful summer!

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