A Brief Hiatus

Dear Readers,

I have some exciting news to share with you all. I am enrolled at the French Culinary Institute so I can bring you tastier,  more elegant and efficient meals for you to view! I’m only two classes into the program (exhausted) and loving every minute of it!

My blog may have to take a back seat for the next few weeks as I complete my training, but have no fear! I will be bringing you all excellent cooking tips and recipes to share once my certification is complete. Stay tuned and in the mean time, check out some pictures below I’ve snapped so far at the FCI!


Adding chicken stock to the beginnings of my Mediterranean-Style Bouillabaise


Here is a close up!

After the vegetables and stock are pureed…

A beautiful Mediterranean-style Bouillabaisse with Traditional Rouille on Baguette Croutons.  Psst- the rouille spread on the crouton was uhmazing!!

Chef Ryan teaching us how to cut our duck after it was cooked in duck fat for 2 hours…

Country Vegetable Soup with Duck Confit in the Style of Bearn

Cream of Fennel Soup, Black Olive Toasts 

Chef Ray removing wishbone in Chicken. How to prepare chicken for cooking!

Sauteing quail…

Adding Julia Child’s number 1 ingredient to my quail (butter). 

Sauteed Quail with Pearl Barley and Raita Chicken Fricassee with White Wine

Some of the early birds of the class prepping before demo begins.

Prior to scaling and de- boning trout.  Does trout remind anyone else of the movie, The Parent Trap?  Only me? Ok, just checking!

Chef Ray giving demonstration on preparing trout.

Pan seared scallops with pea and cauliflower puree we made for our dinner.

Stay tuned for photos of duck confit we later prepared!


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7 responses to “A Brief Hiatus

  1. Amanda…..you look adorable in the chef’s hat and jacket. However,

    there is something fishy about that picture.

    Please keep that recipe for the seared scallops for me to make!

    Enjoy class 🙂 Love, Mrs. M

  2. Thank you Mrs. Manganaro! Classes are going great and I’m learning so much! Will be sure to send you the scallop recipe. Be well!

  3. Kristina Visceglia

    Congratulations Miss So excited for you and the future dinners we will share!!

  4. Very special. I can hardly wait until I receive some delicious recipes from you Amanda. Stay well. Mrs. Aquilino

  5. Next time I am in New York, I know where I am going for dinner! Looks like you are having a blast – so happy and excited for you!

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