Chickpea Burger

What is one to do with 1 avocado, a can of beans, some leftover salad and a few slices of cheese? Run out to buy some fresh whole grain rolls and make Bean Burgers!!! DUH!!!!

I always thought I could give up red meat if it weren’t for the summertime barbecues, because if there is one thing I love to treat myself to in the summer are cheeseburgers. Now I can eat burgers guilt free by making bean burgers and I promise you folks.. they don’t taste much different than beef and they are soo much better for you!!

Click on quick recipe below to enlarge and print

First, finely chop onion, cilantro and rosemary together to create the ultimate “kick” in this burger (You can chop with a knife or use a food processor, but the food processor will save you a lot more time).

You want to get a consistency like this! Whatever would I do without my food processor!?!?!

Add 1 cup of Panko bread crumbs to the mixture and squeeze 1 lime and 1 lemon in as well

Then drain, rinse and steam your chickpeas for 8-10 minutesOnce the chickpeas have steamed, begin smashing them up with a fork or meat beater to get a crumbled and moist texture

Like this!

Then combine smashed chickpeas into mixture and stir so all ingredients are well incorporated

By using your hand, make 4 patties out of the mixture, stack using a sheet of parchment paper or foil between each patty and refrigerate for 1 hour

Take patties out of fridge, heat oil in large skillet and cook patties for 8 minutes in skillet (4 minutes on each side). The reason why we cook the patties in a skillet before we bring them to a grill is to keep the patties from falling  a part on the grill.

Grill patties for 10 minutes until they are slightly brown and firm. HINT- If you press on the patties with your finger and it leaves a indent, they need to cook a bit longer

Slice tomato, avocado and Swiss cheese and place on a toasted bun with patty

I added kale chips for my healthy friends (stay tuned on how to easily make kale chips in a near future post) and baked Maryland style waffle fries.  What makes it “Maryland style” is that the fries were seasoned with Old Bay.  Enjoy this juicy Chickpea Burger! Want to make it even less guilt free? Nix the bun and fries and add more kale chips 🙂 


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2 responses to “Chickpea Burger

  1. Tommy

    Looks like this is the best post yet…I’m requesting this one on my next trip home (waffle fries included).

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