Lamb Kebabs with Mediterranean Orzo

As you know me.. I just love vegetables and I’m always looking for new ways to eat them! A great summer recipe when you want to get outside and grill are kebabs! I went with vegetables and lamb and they turned out great!!! Kebabs are a great and fun way to also get your kids to eat more vegetables and protein!

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On the side of my kebabs.. I made Orzo,  a rice-shaped pasta that goes great with just about everything mixed into it and is served either hot or cold. I kept it hot with this dish, but stay tuned for an upcoming post I do with a cold served Orzo salad. 

Add arugula to cooked Orzo to give it a nice bite

And feta cheese…

Begin sauteing the lamb (cut in cubes) so it is slightly browned on the outside (you will be cooking the rest of the lamb on the grill)

Then, puncture vegetables on the skewers (including the lamb)

Add lemon to the Orzo for additional flavorBegin grilling kebabs until they are crispy 🙂

Take the remaining vegetables you have, chop up a bit finer and place in the oven to roast for 15 minutes at 375 degrees 

Place your lamb kebabs on plate with a side of Orzo and some spanakopita I had leftover from the day before! It goes with my wonderful Greek dish so well! Leftovers are great and can be incorporated so well with other dishes… just like this one!

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