Crowd Pleasing Guacamole

What many people do not know is that Cinco de Mayo has barely any significance in Mexico, yet observed nationwide mainly in the US in celebration of Mexican heritage in pride.

On May 5, 1862, the Mexican army defeated the French as they attempted to intervene Mexico at the Battle of Peubla on this date. The day was later created as an American Civil War holiday by the Mexicans and Latinos in California who supported the cause of defending freedom and democracy, yet to this day is NOT scene as a Mexican holiday.Who would have thought?!?!

The one staple food I think of when it comes to Cinco de Mayo is guacamole. Now, I’m not going to start claiming to have the BEST guacamole because as far as I’m concerned, every person I meet who makes guacamole claims to make it “the best”. If you happen to love lots of spices and flavor with no added fat.. I recommend trying my simple ingredients to make great guacamole  below 🙂

Click on quick recipe below to enlarge and print

First! Chop up  a medium size tomato

Then, finely chop 1 small onion. ( I say toss in the cuisinart to get chopped faster)

Add chopped cilantro to bowl with onion and tomato

Depending on how spicy you like your guacamole.. chop up the jalapeños and add to bowl as well

The easiest way to cut open avocados is slicing each one down the middle so you have 2 halves

With a spoon, scoop out all the avocado from skin and don’t forget to dispose the large pit

With a fork, lightly smash and stir avocados in bowl so you get a coursely chopped consistency like such…

Add the chopped onion, cilantro, tomato and jalapeños to the bowl with guacamole 

Squeeze 1 lime into mixture and lightly salt and pepper guacamole 

Enjoy with a side of whole wheat tortilla chips and 1 Skinny Girl Margarita! Bring this dip to your Cinco de Mayo party or your next barbecue and your friends will love you! Stay tuned for a fish taco recipe posted tomorrow!

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One response to “Crowd Pleasing Guacamole

  1. Uncle Buck

    I can honestly say that this is the finest and most delicious recipe for guacamole that has ever been created. Anywhere. Ever.

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