Lemon Chicken Artichoke Pasta

April showers not only bring May flowers, but they also bring artichoke season!   What I love about artichokes is that the more you dig into one, the different the flavor of this one vegetable you get. First bite- a nutty flavor, the next few bites and you shred your teeth down the leaf,  it because sweet and as you get down the core heart of the artichoke, its a sharp citrus taste. We sure are spoiled with this great vegetable and it’s more interesting to hear that in Europe, an artichoke is seen as a flower.

I’ve taken advantage of the artichoke this month and incorporated it into a great tasting pasta! (Still snapping photos with my old camera. Please bare with me for this last post with my oldy).

Click on quick recipe below to enlarge and print

If you happen to be a close friend of Gabriela Napoletano, then you’ve experienced the great taste of her family’s Springfield Pasta. I never used to be a snob for pasta, just don’t overcook it and I won’t judge. That was until I tried this amazing pasta brand, which makes it hard to go back to Barilla. Springfield Pasta, headquartered in Springfield, PA  offers over 40 varieties of pastas including fresh ravioli, manicotti and spaghetti. My favorite is their lobster stuffed ravioi, but you can’t go wrong with their classic jumbo cheese ravioli, either!  As for dried pasta, I’m a fettuccine kind of girl.  My favs for their fettuccine are their Garlic & Basil, as well as their Black Pepper and Olive Oil.  To be perfectly honest, everything on their menu has that fresh and authentic great Italian taste that is hard to find.  Place your order today at Springfield Pasta!

First! Preheat your oven at 350 degrees and begin roasting the cherry tomatoes.

Then, once your chicken is defrosted, marinate it with lemon, olive oil, chicken rub, salt and pepper

Once you’ve cooked your pasta after following the cooking directions the Napoletano family provided  on the box, (do NOT overcook!) squeeze 2 lemons into your cooked pasta

Once your chicken has marinated for 30 minutes, place in the oven for approximately 20 minutes to cook slightly before grilling

Next, add your cooked cherry tomatoes

And your artichoke hearts. In case you don’t know how to cut a whole artichoke to get to the  heart, all you need to do is:

1.  Snap off all the tough outer leaves, until you reach the leaves that are almost completely yellow and feel softer than the outer ones

2. Cut the artichoke in half and scoop out the choke (the fuzzy bits) that is exposed near the stem of the artichoke

3. Once the choke is cut out, the heart is exposed at the base which is a soft light colored

I promise to post photos of these steps in the coming days 🙂

Once the chicken has slightly baked, place on the grill (or your George Foreman for us city peeps) until it is fully cooked

This step is optional, but offers great taste! I received this sauce as a gift and I was excited to use it! I just love William Sonoma (on sale) and I think they create wonderful sauces, spices, marinades! If you choose not to use this sauce, add basil, olive oil and perhaps more lemon to your pasta.

Enjoy this great tasting Lemon Chicken Artichoke & Pasta! Compliments to Springfield Pasta and William Sonoma! 


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3 responses to “Lemon Chicken Artichoke Pasta

  1. Kristina Visceglia

    I can’t believe I passed up this dinner, so upset, but it looks great!! What would you substitute the pasta with if you wanted to make the dish gluten free?

  2. We can make it again together next time! Instead of pasta, a baked potato or flavored rice pilaf would go really well! Stay tuned for another artichoke recipe I’ll be making later this week that includes roasted garlic and rosemary potatoes!

  3. Gaby Napoletano

    Thanks for the mention! You are a superstar!

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