Grandma’s Graham Cracker Snack

One of the best childhood memories I had was going to Grandma and Grandpa’s for the weekend. We were spoiled every time  we visited. Whether it was spending hours in the sandbox or being rolled around in a gardening barrel, going to Grandma and Grandpa’s meant having the time of our life!

One of the best snacks my Grandma made after a long day of developing obstacle courses for ultimate rely races in their backyard was cream cheese with graham crackers… don’t knock it til’ you try it! I made a little twist on her specialty snack by using fat free cream cream cheese and wisked it with cinnamon and honey, just to sweet up the flavor a bit.  You can also add bananas inside the graham crackers or on the side of your snack if you’re really hungry. See below what little ingredients is needed for this great snack!

Another twist on this recipe is using marshmallow fluff instead of cream cheese.

Photographed below is my version of the graham cracker snack with  fluff instead of cream cheese. Which one goes better? It all depends on the mood you are in! It’s a great snack for kids when the get home from school, but remember to feed them a healthier dinner though as this is more of a special treat, rather than a super healthy snack. When you are at Grandma’s though… you tend to get more special treats than snacks 😉

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