Bean & Broccoli Soup

If there is someone that absolutely loves vegetables.. it has got to be ME! I feel like I’m one of those geeks in school that wears a sweatshirt that says “Math is Awesome”, only I get excited about food that is healthy for you and tastes good!  But hey, geeks are the ones that make this world interesting and vegetables keep this world healthy!

I’ve created The healthy and flavorful  Broccoli Bean Soup with steamed vegetables over brown rice!

First, you need to sizzle your bell peppers in the oven (or if you have a grill obviously that may taste a bit better).

Then, chop up your leeks and saute until translucent

Red kidney beans taste great in rice and will fill you up.. in a good and healthy way! Drain and rinse your beans

To make your life a bit easier, you can buy boxed brown rice and will take you 15-20 minutes.  Not to pull a Sandra Lee, but it tastes just as good as rice made from scratch and will save you so much more time!

You then want to steam your broccoli and string beans and then add 3/4 of the broccoli to a large pot

Next, add your vegetable stock….

Add your kidney beans and let it all simmer on low heat

15 minutes later, add your pot to a blender and blend until smooth

Your broccoli soup should look like this!

You then want to add your leeks to the soup. Then take your leftover broccoli and add them into your rice with the peppers and string beans.

Check it out! You’ve got yourself a wonderful vegetarian dinner that is sure to please any hungry person!


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