Irish Baileys Truffles

Did you know the original color associated with St. Patrick’s Day was blue?!? (Not green)  It was not until Saint Patrick used a green three-leaved plant (the shamrock) to explain the Holy Trinity to groups of Irishmen, which is how the shamrock-inspired designs become the icon for St. Patrick’s Day!

So hear me out. I’m very proud of my Irish heritage, but when it comes to their lifestyle, I’m not a huge fan of binge drinking on heavy beers, eating cabbage and listening to bagpipes. With that said, I’m going against the Americanized St. Patrick’s Day tradition (by not wearing shamrock stickers on my face w/ cheesy green Mardi Gras beads around my neck).

I’m curious to hear about what traditional Irishmen do, which is why I’m going to chat with my 100% Irish grandmother, Eileen and ask her what she and her family would do to celebrate St.Patrick’s Day.

Of course SOME sort of baking needs to be incorporated into this holiday, which is why I took one of the greatest Irish beverage mixers, Baileys Irish Cream and infused it into dark chocolate truffles coated with hazelnuts!

Click on quick recipe below to enlarge and print

First crack your eggs, separate the yolk and place in bowl

Melt your chocolate in a double  boiler or just with one pot (with water) underneath a bowl large enough to fit snug around the rim of the pot. See below 🙂

Next, mix your melted chocolate into the mixer with the egg yolks

Add 1 cup of Baileys Irish Cream into the mixture, but you can use however much Baileys you would like ( 1 cup is considered an overly generous amount of Baileys for this recipe)

Then add 1 tablespoon of butter, not too much, right?

And a 3/4 cup of instant coffee…

Mix all together until you get this kind of consistency. Then place your chocolate mix in the fridge for 15-20 minutes

Place your cup of hazelnuts in the food processor until they are finely chopped

Next take your chocolate mix out of the fridge and begin rolling chocolate into small firm balls such as below

And the final touch to your tasty truffles… roll them in your chopped hazelnuts

Chocolate lasts for a long time, but be sure to refrigerate your truffles for an hour before enjoying. (They are super soft and have a clay-like texture when you are rolling them in hazelnuts).

To really impress your family and friends this St. Patrick’s Day (an inexpensive way), buy some green foil, wrap it in a basic plate (to make it festive) and package up in some clear cellophane with green ribbon! Please pardon my unique nail color I had this day 😉

Now doesn’t that look pretty and presentable?!?! The perfect host/hostess gift for St.Patrick’s Day! Enjoy your St.Patrick’s Day feast with some Irish Baileys Truffles to go with your after dinner coffee/tea! Happy St. Patrick’s Day everybody!!!

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One response to “Irish Baileys Truffles

  1. Meredith

    Amazing! Totally beats corn beef and cabbage

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