Baked Chip Chicken w/ Pistachio Brussels Sprouts

When people generally think of 1950’s style home cooking, what comes to mind? Diners with waitresses on roller skates? Fried food? Meatloaf and mash potatoes? I have to say, none of those images really appeal to me… but maybe seeing girls on roller skates in a restaurant is entertaining.  The one thing that I do admire though from 1950s is the love families put into the meals they prepared for their families. Dinner time was always family time and I think that is one thing that is slightly lost in our society today that needs to be brought back.

I’ve created a family favorite with a healthy twist, Baked Chip Chicken with Brussels Sprouts! Before you go hating the brussels sprouts portion of these dish, I want you to give it a shot first. I’m not quite sure where they got such a bad rep, but I think they are a great tasting vegetable and when you pair it with the right seasoning and use my specialty way of preparing your sprouts, you might just fall in love with them!

Brussels sprouts may have unique health benefits in the area of DNA protection. A recent study has shown improved stability of DNA inside of our white blood cells after daily consumption of Brussels sprouts in the amount of 1.25 cups. (The World’s Healthiest Foods, Brussels sprouts are also  high in fiber, vitamin C and may help prevent cancer.

Click on quick recipe below to enlarge and print

First you want to combine the ingredients I have below (1 tablespoon of light mayo, Worcheshire sauce, 3 tablespoons of olive oil and 1/2 cup of mustard) and wisk all together

Until you get a consistency like this!

You then want to slightly cook the chicken on the stove for 2 minutes on each side of the breast before baking the rest of it in the oven.

Next you want to use a complicated method of crushing your baked chips that are still in the bag. You are going to want to make a fist and stomp the bag with your fist until the chips are crushed. Very difficult I know 😉 Kids love doing this part and it is a great way to get them involved in weeknight cooking with Mom!

Take a casserole dish or any other dish that will fit your chicken in when you are ready to bake and drizzle your sauce in the dish. You can do this part before or after you add the half cooked chicken, just be sure to coat both sides of the chicken with the sauce before baking.

Once your chicken is coated and placed in the dish, sprinkle paprika (2 tablespoons) on top of chicken

Add your crushed baked chips..

Before you place your chicken in the oven, you want to begin cooking your rice. I prefer Rice Pilaf and Near East makes great rice! Just follow directions on the back of box for cooking instructions (should take only 20 minutes to cook).

Note: you still have not put your chicken in th oven yet. You want to time your chicken to be ready when the rest of the dish is prepared too (this will make life easier and will avoid having to reheat your chicken)

Chop off the tips of the Brussels sprouts and slice them in half

Great flavor in Brussels sprouts are chopped up pistachios! Since this was my first time making pistachio Brussels sprouts, I used a meat pounder first, only to soon realize that my nuts were flying everywhere. 

Word of advice… use a knife to chop up your pistachios instead. It’s faster and avoids nuts all over your kitchen

Next, slice up one red onion that is added in your Brussels sprouts

Don’t forget to check on your rice! Make sure all the flavoring is stirred in. You now want to place your chicken in the oven to bake.

Then bring your onions and Brussels sprouts to the pan and saute for 15 minutes until sprouts are golden on cut ends and onions are translucent.

Add your pistachios…

After 15-20 minutes of baking, take your chicken out of the oven.

Aaaand PRESTO! This dinner is guaranteed to please everyone at the table! Enjoy!



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3 responses to “Baked Chip Chicken w/ Pistachio Brussels Sprouts

  1. jean scatuorchio

    Great recipie, but I wonder if the chicken has to be browned first?, avoiding a step in preparation?

  2. Thanks for your comment! To answer your question, cooking the chicken slightly before baking in the oven will allow your chicken to be fully cooked after taking out of the oven. (I’ve heard people say their chicken doesn’t fully cook in the time it bakes).

  3. Caroline

    Um YUM! I love the blog, the pics, the tips, love it all. Brava!

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