Creme Brulee

Oooh there is nothing better than a William Sonoma present! In this box is a set of 4 heart shaped ramekins with matching heart plates to go underneath. I must say William Sonoma has impeccable taste!  These specific ramekins are perfect for one heartfelt thing.. creme brulee!

Click on quick recipe below to enlarge and print

Drop 8 egg yolks in a bowl

1/3 cup of sugar to the same bowl….

Wisk together the sugar and eggs until you get a thick and dark yellow texture

Add your heavy cream. You can use milk if you want to be a bit healthier, but the consistency won’t be as good. Remember, this is a sweet treat.. its ok to indulge every now and then 😉

You then want to drain your mixture through a strainer so you don’t get little particles built up from the sugar and egg in your dish. Remember to place a bowl under your strainer!

Pour boiling water into your pan that will bake with your ramekins in it. Pour about 1 inch high along pan.

Pour the uncooked creme brulee into the ramekins. A deep soup serving spoon is useful here!

Place your heart ramekins in the oven to bake….

Ah! Don’t forget to cover with tin foil so the tops don’t burn

Take your creme brulee out of the oven after baking and leave in fridge for approximately 2 hours to cool and set

As your creme brulee is cooling, I would suggest getting your torch ready! I purchased my first torch from William Sonoma not too long ago. Now, be sure to follow the directions to this and do not let children play with this torch. Not to scare you or anything, but when torching, it is important that you are careful so no accidents happen.

Once your creme brulee has cooled, sprinkle sugar on top of each ramekin

Next, CAREFULLY torch your creme brulee!

Add some nice fresh fruit ( I prefer raspberries)

Here is an above frontal shot to show you the final product. Pretty, right?

Oh and lastly, here is what your consistency should look like after baking 🙂

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