Lobster & Scallop Risotto

Whats better than having your seafood favorites to share with your loved one on Valentine’s Day? Making it yourself!  What’s even better is not paying for the prices at a restaurant and to cook it in the comfort of your own home!

This dish may sound fancy and complicated, however I cut little corners to save time, but still maintained that fresh and delicious homemade taste!

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I’ve heard successful stories of people making their own risotto from scratch.. and I’ve heard horror stories of trying to make it from scratch. I decided to go with a reliable brand name for a nicely boxed risotto that will save you tons of time. You won’t regret making Roland Italian store bought risotto! Follow the cooking steps on the box, but negate all other directions on additional ingredients that go in. I’ve included a picture on the left of the type if risotto to look for in your grocery store

Chop up your onions, garlic and shallots in Cuisinart. Chop coarsely! You can also do it by hand, but the Cuisinart will save you time

Defrost your lobster tails and run under warm water

Next, sautee your chopped onions, garlic and shallots in pan with a bit of olive oil

Once the onion, garlic and shallots are translucent, add it into the risotto. Next, take the pan that was sauteed in leaving remaining onion bits in the plan (do not clean it) and pour clam juice in the pan. This will bring out the onion and garlic flavor in the scallops.

Add lobster tails into the cooking risotto….

Add in the white truffle oil. This oil I think MAKES the dish. It gives the risotto that amazing flavor that you taste when you order risotto is restaurants. You only need a little bit of it too ( 2 teaspoons)!

Begin sauteing your scallops. Just a note.. don’t pour all of your clam juice at once into your sauteing scallops. As your scallops are cooking, gradually keep adding more juice.

You want your scallops to be tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. To get this consistency, flip your scallops over on both sides just once as they sautee, You don’t want to push them around like pinballs in the pan.

Add your parsley into the risotto right before it is ready to be served and chop up some chives to sprinkle on top of dish

Plate your risotto first and lay the scallops on top of risotto. Enjoy this amazing dish for two!

Here is close up of one of the dishes. Happy Valentines Day!

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One response to “Lobster & Scallop Risotto

  1. Kristina Visceglia

    The end result looks so fancy! I want leftovers! ha

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