Stuffed Tuna Fish Sandwich

Fridays always seem to be a a day when you treat yourself.  You buy yourself  a fancy cup of Starbucks coffee in the morning, you may go out to lunch instead of brown bagging it to work. But, what if you prepare a fancy lunch to bring to work instead? It will save you money and you can use all your healthy favorites!

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I bring you Stuffed Tuna Fish Sandwich!!!

The secret to the perfect tuna sandwich is a good crunch and you can get that crunch with loads of celery and scallion!!!

Slice the celery stalks in half so that they are not too thick and then chop coarsely.

Next chop up the scallion 🙂

You then want to add a can of tuna to the chopped up scallion and celery and the best way to mix is with a fork to separate the tuna and incorporate with the greens.

The secret for a great kick in your tuna is Woeben’s Sandwich Pal horseradish sauce and I love mixing a teaspoon of this with a teaspoon of light mayo to keep the sandwich together and it tastes wonderful! Remember- don’t go overboard with your mayo or it will defeat the purpose of a healthy lunch!

Next, add a generous amount of lettuce to each slice of your bread. Make sure you don’t put the tuna directly on the bread and to put the tuna on the lettuce. This will avoid your bread to get soggy.

Add some tomato if you would like!

Wrap some tin foil up in your sandwich and you have a great lunch to look forward to at work!

Here is my testimonial! I was looking forward to this lunch all morning!

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  1. jean

    My favorite sandwich, yet I prefer Bumble Bee to Chicken of the Sea tuna, more solid white meat — Still the best, very low in fat, great protein and tastes great and filling, but doesn’t leave you feeling lethargic, but more energized for the afternoon of work.

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