Greek Chicken Rollatini

Greek Chicken Rollatini is not only an easy typical Tuesday night dinner, but also a great source of lean protein that is full of flavor!

Click on quick recipe below to enlarge and print

If you have 30 seconds to spare… slice a tomato approximately 1/2 inch thick on each rolled up chicken before baking.  It makes for a great presentation and pairs well with the feta cheese and spinach.


Not up for making orzo? I think leftovers make great for side dishes, such as the roasted rosemary potatoes I made with my skirt steak a while back.  Add some string beans for more green on your dish! Kali Orexi (Bon Appétit)!


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2 responses to “Greek Chicken Rollatini

  1. jean scatuorchio

    Terrific recipe — I’ll make it within the week — only thing I would change in the recipe is that the boneless chicken in order to roll should be the thin type, or must be pounded — Can’t wait to make it — great alternative to chicken cordon bleu — very creative!!!!

  2. Sarah Masterson

    This sounds like a good one!

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