Seasoned Stuffed Peppers

Feliz Navidad Amigos!

I  just love Spanish cuisine… maybe even more than the song Feliz Navidad, but it might be a close tie. I prepared stuffed bell peppers full of vegetables, Spanish rice/couscous, shrimp and a bit of cheeeese! I also decided to make it festive for the holidays!

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Spanish food sometimes has a reputation of being rather unhealthy, but I thought I would fill you in on the history behind Spanish cuisine and how their traditional food is quite good for you! Spain is located on the Iberian peninsula and is practically surrounded by the waters. Fortunately for us seafood lovers, this type of food remains the country’s staple type of food and categorizes the country as having a Mediterranean diet… which in case you weren’t aware, is my favoooorite type of diet, which includes fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, legumes, seafood, yogurt, olive oil, and small amounts of wine. A healthy and great tasting diet if I do say so myself. We’ll tap more into the Med Diet in a few months as May is the official Med Diet Month!

This recipe is a great and fun way to get your kids to eat vegetables. Who wouldn’t like using a pepper as a bowl?

Shrimp, seasoned corn, spinach, cheese, Spanish rice/couscous and of course red and green bell peppers is what you’ll need for this great dish. Also, cayenne pepper tastes wonderful with this recipe!

Once you have hollowed out your peppers, place them in the oven for a total of 30 minutes (but you will be taking them out of the oven a couple of times to stuff with cheese, rice and veggies…you’ll see)

For this recipe, I recommend buying a box of Spanish rice, instead of trying to make your own. It will save you time and I think North East makes great Spanish couscous that comes with pre-made seasoning. Try it out!

As you are preparing your rice/couscous, you can sauté your shrimp and season with cayenne pepper. I needed Santa’s help for this one.

Remember when I said that you’ll be taking the peppers out of the oven a few times? After 8 minutes of roasting, sprinkle some cheese into your peppers.

20 Minutes later, stuff the peppers with the seasoned shrimp….

And the corn. Also, don’t forget to stuff your peppers with the spinach and rice/couscous too! Pack it nice and full. It’s on the recipe print out, but not photographed….. sorry!

Do another top off of cheese (not mandatory, but it holds the vegetables together and tastes better). If you’re worried about your cheese intake for your diet, you might want to hold off on the extra cheese.

And you’re done! With any leftover vegetables, rice/couscous, you can add it on the side of your pepper and save for tomorrow’s lunch/dinner. Feliz Navidad!!!!

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