Merry Mint Chocolate Fudge Brownies

Tis this season to be Merry!!!!! I bring you Mint Chocolate Fudge Brownies!!!

This dessert is not only easy to make, but seriously requires such little ingredients, very affordable and tastes refreshingly delicious! I love the combination of mint and chocolate and I think this recipe is perfect for the season!

Click on quick recipe below to enlarge and print

Whatcha see is whatcha you get… only it looks like a gorgeous Christmas treat when finished and tastes heavenly! If you have to haul to the food market (like I do) for groceries that are blocks and blocks away from home, have no fear of heavy bags here!

Unwrap your candy canes and toss them into your Cuisinart until they are finely chopped. You can always do this by hand or with a sharp knife, but it will surely dull your knives and take a while. My advice… buy a Cuisinart. It’s heavy and big, but will come in handy in sooo many ways. You can get them as cheap as $30, which I think is totally worth it!

If you’re using a Cuisinart, be sure to use it during hours that your neighbors won’t mind (it gets a bit noisy ).

Wisk in your eggs, water and oil….

So, I thought about this half way through the making, but I decided to add some white chocolate chips to the recipe. I kept it in the Ghirardelli family (don’t worry) to keep it all consistent. I typically don’t enjoy too much of white chocolate, but when used in moderate amounts.. it’s great combined with dark chocolate and we all know how much better dark chocolate is for you than the others…. at least a little bit.

Drop in 2 teaspoons of Pure Mint Extract……..

Once the ingredients are incorporated, pour batter into pan

In the oven you go for 40 minutes 🙂

As the batter is cooking, take the prepackaged fudge that is included in the brownie mix box and squeeze into a bowl. I decided since I was crushing peppermint canes for this recipe that it was ok to buy pre-made fudge, but feel free to make your own if you like. I’ll post a fudge recipe soon for you guys to enjoy.

Once the brownies have baked, heat up the fudge and then sprinkle some of the candy cane on the brownies (save about a half a cup)

Next, once the fudge is warm, spread evenly over the brownies and then use that cup of candy cane I requested above to sprinkle again over the brownies. This way you get that minty taste twice!

Now, some may think that the candy canes were enough for the mint flavor, which is completely fine, but in case you need more of a mint fix, try this great Talenti Gelato Mediterranean Mint to go on the side with your brownie! This 100% Natural gelato includes fresh mint blended with bittersweet chocolate and uses fresh pasteurized milk free of growth hormones. Aaand even better, in case you didn’t know… gelato is almost 50% less fat than ice cream!!!!! Yay- guilt free!

Try it out and let me know what you think!

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