Mushroom Skirt Steak

Getting kids to eat mushrooms must take a miracle. I must say that a lot of adults aren’t a big fan of this vegetable either. Why is that? Is it the color? Texture? What would you compare it to taste wise?

What you might not know is that mushrooms are a great source of phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. These nutrients are often lacking in those who eat processed foods. Also, mushrooms contain practically no cholesterol or fat and are naturally low in sodium and an excellent source of fiber.

When you combine mushrooms with foods such as spinach, potatoes or place them on top/under a sizzling steak, they are great!

Mushroom Skirt Steak is a very flavorful dish that can be made easy. Now, I must say that the combination of steak and mushroom doesn’t give off the prettiest look, so always have some nice leafy greens to make the dish stand out and look appetizing. The smell is enough to lure anyone into the kitchen and want this dish, but since you can’t smell my dish through your computer screen, add some additional vegetables to up the nutrients and make it look pretty!

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You first want to wash your broccoli (separate the florets) and potatoes and place on the pan for roasting. Drizzle olive oil and season with a salt (a little amount) pepper and rosemary.  I love to add red pepper flakes, but it might not be best for the kids.

Here comes the EEEKK! part. No one likes the look of raw meat. Who would? I was hesitant to display this photo but I wanted to show how I marinate and season my steak.  It is also very important to be mindful what you touch when cooking with raw meat. Ever since my roommate in college told me how her mom was hospitalized for salmonella, I’m VERY mindful on always washing my hands immediately after handling raw meat. On that note.. who is still hungry?? Sorry guys just wanted to promote how important it is to cook with caution.  Side note, you may think I went overboard with the garlic here (looks like more than it really is), but don’t worry, I have a minty dessert coming up in my next post!

Marinate the steak with Worcestershire and garlic. Sautee the steak and cook to your liking!

Here comes the FUNshroom part!  After washing the mushrooms and chopping them coarsely, bring them to the sautéing pan (don’t use the one for the steak unless you washed it) and add a dash of olive oil, Worcestershire, fat-free sour cream and cream cheese.  This sauce for the mushroom tastes incredible and better than any kind of creme fraiche that you buy in a fancy food store.. or a steak house for that matter!

If you have had a long day and needed to unwind with a glass of red wine, pour some of that wine in your sautéing mushrooms for additional flavor. It brings a nice color to the mushrooms too!  All you need is a 1/4 cup of wine, so don’t go overboard.

Once the steak is completely cooked, slice the steak on a cutting board. Depending on the age of your kids, cut into appropriate size pieces.

In addition to your broccoli and potatoes, you can add asparagus. Cook to your liking with some olive oil and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Enjoy your fancy Mushroom Skirt Steak! Who needs an overpriced steakhouse when you can make your own steak at home for a fraction of the cost! P.S- the mushrooms are hiding under the steak to give off a pretty presentation.

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